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Senioritis: A High School Epidemic

It is the most common disease among high school students, more contagious than the H1N1 virus, a disease that drives teachers crazy, and is the…

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Juniors Prep for Puff

The powder puff season began just as it had in previous years: energetic, enthusiastic, and slightly murderous. The vast majority of the junior class’s females attended the information meeting October 1. Girls of all groups, cliques and backgrounds united to achieve one major goal: destroy the Class of X.

The coaches for the class of 2011, Bradley Millice, Alex Lawrence, Kyle Holtman, and Eric Michaud, are just as stoked as the girls.

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Leesville Students Show Faith

On Wednesday, Sept. 23 approximately 15 students gathered at the flagpole in the front of Leesville Road High School.  They formed a circle and prayed…

Lyons’s Prideful Kicks

Lyons’s sweet Nikes Satire Principal Scott Lyons reached a new level of fabulousness this week. Lyons recently purchased a pair of superfly kicks to show…

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Dracula Auditions: The Process

Pride Productions, Leesville’s drama department, is putting on the eerie and frightening story of Dracula for the fall play.  For many of the people involved…

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2009 Grill Team: Better than Ever

The Leesville Grill Team, a group created by the 2008 senior class, continues this year bigger than ever. In the past the team consisted of…

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Program Welcomes New Students to LRHS

The New Student Program is designed for the new students to become more accustomed with the school. During first and second periods of the first…

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Lauren Strapp Breaks Record

Most people go through life never emphasizing how much one second matters; it can be the difference between winning or earning a place in the…

Senior Wall

Every year since the school’s opening in 1993, the senior class has decorated the intersection right outside of the school.  A few brave seniors sneak…

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School Supply Samaritans

In the fall of 2008, Leesville Road High School initiated a free school supply program for students who experience homelessness or financial hardship, in an…

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A Simple Way to Save Lives

On Friday, October 2, 2009, Leesville Road High School hosted the biannual Red Cross blood drive, where 100 people wereregistered to donate a total of…

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H1N1 Virus Worries Community

Concerns among healthcare providers, teachers, parents and teens are rising about a pandemic sweeping the nation: novel influenza A, also known as the H1N1 virus,…

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Early Release Affects Students, Teachers

Beginning the 2009 school year, students in Wake County Public Schools will be dismissed one hour earlier, at 1:30, every Wednesday throughout the school year….

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Female Runner’s Gender Questioned

Caster Semenya, winner of the women’s 800 meter final at the Track and Field World championship, is under speculation that she might not be considered…