Senior v.s. Freshman

Max Pollack, senior, has gone to Leesville since his freshman year. As a senior, he reflects on how his opinions about high school have changed (Photo used by permission of Max Pollack).

In the four years of high school, students grow and change dramatically. But how different are their opinions about school? 

Thoughts on the first day? 

“On the first day of school, I was really stressed because Leesville is big, and I wasn’t sure where my classes were,” said Ava Castro, a freshman. Her sentiment is common among freshmen at Leesville, and Max Pollack, senior, “remembers being nervous” for his first day four years ago. 

“I was looking forward to catching up with all the people I’d hadn’t seen over summer [on the first day],” said Pollack. Finally being a senior made him excited to realize “the end is near.” 


“Digital Media is the best class I’ve ever taken,” said Pollack. He’s been at Leesville for all four years of high school and is quick to tell anyone that they should take Digital Media. “I learned a lot in the class, and it was really fun,” said Pollack.

“Mr. Shingler’s Visual Arts class is my favorite class this semester,” said Ava Castro, a freshman. She hasn’t been at Leesville for long but feels like she’s “found a home” in her art class. 

Both Castro and Pollack agree that English classes are the most difficult. “I definitely am not looking forward to English– it’s hard for me,” said Castro. “English is my worst class,” said Pollack. 


“I find lacrosse really interesting; it’s the best sport at Leesville by far,” said Castro. Castro is confident that lacrosse is the best sport — despite never having attended a game.

“Chess is the best sport, even though some people say it doesn’t count,” said Pollack. Pollack is a member of the Chess Club and has a passion for the “sport”. 

Favorite part of the day?

“My favorite part of the day is lunch, not because of the food, because that’s when I see most of my friends,” said Castro. Most of her friends have different classes, so lunch for her equates to socializing. “Socializing with my friends is always the best part of the day,” said Castro.

Like Castro, the best part of Pollack’s day is talking with friends. “I love my technical theater class,” said Pollack. “It’s a fun class, and the people in it are hilarious and cool to hang out with.”

The best thing to do on the weekend?

“Sleep in. Sleep in general, at any time,” said Pollack. “High school is tiring, and I need the weekend to store up on energy,” he said. The worst part of the weekend ending for Pollack is the fact that he can no longer sleep in.

“I like to draw and have me-time,” said Castro. She uses the weekend to reset and get into a good mindset for the following week. “Drawing and working on my art helps me relax and be more calm for school,” said Castro. 

What period is the worst?

Castro thinks fourth period is the hardest to get through. “It’s the end of the day, and I’m usually tired and ready to get home,” said Castro.

Pollack disagrees, stating that the worst period is first. “I’m not awake during that class; I’m still in the middle of trying to wake up,” said Pollack. He says it’s always been his least favorite period and that he hopes to get first period classes where he doesn’t have to focus extremely hard.

The best thing to eat for lunch?

Pollack and Castro agree that whatever you want to eat is what’s best for lunch. “There’s not one thing that’s best for lunch,” said Pollack. “I like eating different things every day, and I don’t think just one meal is the best,” said Castro.

Best advice to give on high school?

“Just be confident enough to try new things that you think you might like,” said Castro. “I haven’t been in high school long, but that’s advice someone gave to me that I think everyone should listen to.”.

“Sleep, do your homework, and have fun with your friends,” said Pollack. “You’ll find a group of people you like, and you’ll just click– so hang out with them.”

Chess, lacrosse, and art– everyone has different experiences in high school. It appears, however, that while seniors and freshmen have their differences, both enjoy hanging out with friends. 



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