Petland: Where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption. 

Petland is a pet store located in Morrisville where people can spend time with puppies up for adoption.  Since the puppies tend to usually spend…


Monaco Grand Prix

Over the weekend, Formula 1 driver Charles Leclerc secured his first home course win. Over the past 6 years, Leclerc has had some unfortunate…


The Golden Years, Joshua Basset’s side of the story

Joshua Basset is best known as a musician and an actor but plans to release his first album on July 26. This past Friday,…

Guitar Club Kara-rock-ee performance

Students and teachers alike performing “Are you gonna go my way?” by Lenny Kravitz. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes)

Leesville Spring Dance concert

The Leesville Dance Department is hosting its 2024 Spring Concert on Wednesday, May 22, and Thursday, May 23.  Beginning, proficient, and dance ensemble will be…

The best Band, Jazz Band

Aidan Quinn, the first chair in both Symphonic band and Jazz band, had a trombone solo in “Moanin”. Many people at Leesville have heard of…

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Why Leesville should have a longer lunch period

With more time to eat, students are less likely to rush through their meals, promoting healthier eating habits.  Our upperclassmen are also less likely to…



  1. Hi! I’m an LRHS 2016 alumni. I was hoping that y’all might have a record of our school’s murals, or be able to compile one if possible. If nothing else I would appreciate it if you could pass images of the 2016 wall and street murals along to me for sentimental reasons, should any be available. Thanks!


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