Leesville’s Cold Outbreak

Over the past couple of weeks, the seasonal cold has swept over the LRHS student body.  As is typical with the time of year and...

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Leesville Cold Outbreak


Football Season Recap

Last Friday night Leesville Road High School played against Cleveland high school looking to knock them out of the playoffs and advance to win...

Leesville Turkey Trot

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Real-Sports Review

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Leesville tudent spotlight: Emily Sendall 

Emily Sendall, junior, has been involved in performing arts at Leesville since the fall of her freshman year. Since, she’s distinguished herself as a...

Bottle Cap Mural

LRHS’s Earth and Sustainability Club is currently working towards creating a bottle cap mural to put up outside the school. Katie Carrigan and Clara Davis,...

Alice In Wonderland coming to LRHS auditorium Nov 16-Nov 18

Our school's theater department puts on three shows a year: the fall play, the spring musical, as well as the theater ensemble show. This...

Club spotlight: new guitar club

Leesville Road High School is officially starting up a guitar club after Mr. Yelverton announced an interest meeting regarding it last May.  The club isn’t...

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Canned or Homemade Cranberry Sauce?

Homemade cranberry sauce prepared and ready for the table. (Photo courtesy of Zach Barnes)

Are mullets back in style?

Real-Sports App Review

Real-Sports Review

Is Crumbl Cookie Overrated?

Calling all Swifties


Real-Sports App Review

Real-Sports Review

Is Crumbl Cookie Overrated?

Trying the Pocket Notebook

Real-Sports app review

Wendy’s Frosty Review


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