No More Daylight Savings?

Starting in 2023, daylight savings will no longer be a part of the American schedule. In March of this year, the U.S government passed a...


Leesville Needs New Chairs

Different schools throughout Wake County have updated their furniture. Even Pine Hollow Middle School up the road has newly improved chairs.  Students at Leesville often...

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LRHS Literary Magazine: The Crescendo

The Literary Magazine, also known as The Crescendo, has been publishing since 2015. Specializing in publishing student works of art, scripts, poetry, stories, photography,...

First Production Week for the Play

The Great All-American Musical Disaster (GAAMD) is now in full production. On October 5, 2022, all the members of each technical crew for the...

Leesville Fall Play for 2022

The fall semester play of 2022 is none other than The Great All-American Musical Disaster. Showings start on November 16 with an after school...

Art Student Spotlight: Taylor Greene

Contributors: Emma Nani and Noah Derucher Many Leesville students take the route of attending a North Carolina public university, but Taylor Greene, a senior at...

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Second Quarter Burnout

As the second quarter begins, many students now face the task of the looming end-of-semester tests and grades. As grades are being finalized and...

Safe Sex

Taking the PISA Test




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