Mean Girls: Final Preperations

The first official showing of Mean Girls performed by the LRHS theater department will occur this Thursday, April 18.  Final preparations are being made for…


Leesville Softball Crushes Broughton 

The Leesville Pride took a big win against the Broughton Capitals this past Tuesday. Leesville ended the game early, with ten runs after five…


The Importance of Jimmy Buffet

It's a cold rainy day in the middle of the winter, and you go to put on some music to lift your spirits from…

Student spotlight: Molly Ray

Let me introduce you to Leesville’s nicest Mean Girl: Molly Ray.  Molly Ray is a senior at Leesville who is very involved in the school….

Inside of LRHS Dance

When you hear Dance Ensemble a lot of students automatically think of the students that perform at football games, but in reality, they are…

Leesville’s Festival Concert — LRHS bands and orchestra take the stage

On the night of Friday, March 1, 2024, over 200 students and 2 conductors took to the stage and performed in the Festival concert….

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“Karma” by JoJo Siwa: bop or flop?

On Friday, April 5, 2024, Jojo Siwa broke the internet by releasing her new song and music video “Karma”.  Siwa rose to fame when she…



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