Lana Del Rey continues to slap

Lana Del Rey’s album Norman F***ing Rockwell features songs that follow the same darkly romantic vibes people know her for. Along with that is a nostalgic tone for a more classic era of music. (Photo is public domain)

Norman F***ing Rockwell, Lana Del Rey’s sixth studio album, dropped August 30. As a fan of her music, I looked forward to the release of this album since hearing “Venice B****” last September. Del Rey continues to create tranquil melodies with deceptively simple lyrics.

Not all the songs on the album were complete surprises as Del Rey had released them previously. One such song is “Doin’ Time,” a cover song which I reviewed when it first came out in May. In the review, I also talk about other songs that are on this new album such as “Venice B****” and “Mariners Apartment Complex.”

One song that I do feel like I should mention is “F*** it I love you.” It’s an enjoyable song and the music video to go along with it has a great vintage beach aesthetic. Speaking of the music video, the video for this song is different because the second half is “The greatest,” a regretful piano ballad about things changing for the worst. It’s a nostalgic look back at the music industry, her relationships, and places she’s been. She cleverly uses popular music references as a way to criticize modern social issues like referencing David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” to comment on climate change.

The reason why I like Lana Del Rey’s music so much is her music is extremely peaceful to listen to. Her music stands out from others because of the retro sound created through rich piano ballads and background guitar reminiscent of music from the 70s . Her music creates simple scenes and imagery through dramatic presentation. Her music constantly shifts between provocative and melancholy. There’s not much to say about the album since it’s pretty much the same as all her other music. She sings about love and heartbreak and the West Coast. It’s appropriate for the album to come out at the end of summer when nostalgia for the sad beach aesthetics Lana sings of are at a peak.


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