The Truth About Prom

Spending time being fancy with my best friends was a memory I’ll never forget. Prom is a large effort, but definitely worth every minute and cent spent. (Photo courtesy of Natalie Gore)

Prom comes once a year, but generally it’s a major event for lots of students at high school. At Leesville, teens prepare months in advance for one night full of magical fun. Although tickets are available to only juniors and seniors, sophomores and freshmen can be “dates” to the upperclassmen. Therefore, prom is a night of all different students at Leesville getting dressed up and coming together to celebrate and have fun.

As a sophomore, a senior invited me as his date. Now a junior, I attended prom with a group of girl friends. Even though prom is the same event, the differences in age and people you go with make a huge impact on what the dance is like. Both of my experiences at prom were so much fun, but there are many major distinctions between the two.

The amount of money I spent is probably the biggest comparison I’d make between my sophomore and junior proms. When I went with a date, we split the costs of things (dinner, corsages, tickets) evenly. Without a date, there is much more you have to pay for by yourself. Ensuring that you save up enough money for whatever special treats you want to buy is crucial, especially when you’re not splitting with the costs with anyone else.

Another thing I’ve learned throughout my two prom experiences is that who you go with really does matter. This does not at all mean that you need a date to the dance, which is a rather common misconception. Spending the night with your closest friends is so much fun, as it is a great opportunity to make special memories with the people you trust most.

A third, and possibly the most important lesson I’ve learned, is to embrace comfort. Often, wearing fancier clothes than usual becomes hot and awkward for teens. When you shop for prom outfits and shoes, make sure that you feel comfortable in what you plan to wear. Tall, sparkly heels that hurt your feet can be replaced with pretty sandals and create the exact same effect of beauty.

Prom is a wonderful experience. The dance is a celebration with friends. I recommend attending to anyone and everyone who can. Take my advice and run with it. Be yourself and dance until you can’t anymore.


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