Student Entrepreneurs at Leesville


Being a highschool student sometimes comes with difficulties, such as the lack of money. Some students manage to balance working a job and doing school work. Other students start their own mini businesses. The businesses started with making necklaces and then go to selling their own artwork. 

One student who has their own business is Sophie McKnight, a  senior here at Leesville. Sophie makes choker necklaces and sells them for $5 each, making about $15 a week. Sophie also works at a dry cleaner as a more stable job. Sophie is also a member of the National Honors Society of Dance and on the Stunt Team. Balancing her necklace business, school, National Honors Society is Dance and Stunt Team she said “it is not difficult to balance them all.”

Another student who has their own business is Tatiana Phillips, also a senior here at Leesville. Tatiana’s business is creating art work. “Drawing I don’t make that much money, I make about $30”, said Phillips. Although she does not think it is difficult to balance everything she does say “if you know how to manage your schedule, I usually put my stuff on the weekend and during the week I do my school stuff”. 

 In conclusion these entrepreneurs balance creating their own work and school. Student entrepreneurship instills confidence and creates opportunities. 



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