Customers give the new Popeyes sandwich a thumbs up

Popeyes recently released their new chicken sandwich. It received amazing reviews and has been a big discussion across all states. (Photo courtesy of Shakeel Hargrove)

On August 12, Popeyes broke the internet with its new Chicken Sandwich. The sandwich caused an amazing amount of attention–especially on social media– and was so successful that it sold out the first day it was introduced. 

There is a classic chicken sandwich and a spicy one. The only difference between the two is its mayo: the classic sandwich uses regular mayo, while the spicy one uses a spicy mayo sauce that gives it most of its flavor.

Popeyes flavors the chicken sandwich with a juicy filet that has a different breading than the regular chicken sold at Popeyes. It also has buttered pickles, mayo, and a brioche toasted bun. ”Our lines were ridiculously long.. we have a great customer base and they all love it,” said an anonymous employee.

Many claim that Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich is even better than everyone’s previous trophy sandwich, Chick-fil-a.  “It’s a different level.. It has a different kind of crunch and flavor to it that you wouldn’t find anywhere else,” said customer Albert Nah. “It’s way better than Chick-Fil-A. ” Several other customers have agreed with his statement. “Chick-Fil-A finally has competition, so business has been a little bit slower than usual,” said Nyla Ross. “Everyone would rather go to Popeyes to try their chicken sandwich versus coming to try a chicken sandwich they have already had before.”

There are now “sold out” signs on the Popeyes locations in North Carolina. And while the managers still don’t have a timeline when the next shipment of chicken sandwiches will arrive, they’re happy to experience the additional traffic that’s visiting their store locations.


  1. Love the editorial but chic fil a is much better. Popeyes chicken sandwich is delicious BUT is greasy. You can taste the grease even after you sandwich is long gone. For my tastebuds and heart health I’d go with chick fil a.


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