Wave Goodbye to Digital Media Classes


During the 2019-2020 school year, students at LRHS will witness the last batch of Digital Media students as the original classes will make way for the more focused, content-heavy Adobe curriculum classes. The Adobe classes will wind up replacing Digital Media for students who would rather get certified in the advanced utilities of an individual Adobe program, instead of taking them all at once and learning only the basics for each. The new and improved Adobe curriculum includes Adobe Visual Design, Adobe Video Design (using video software for short films), and Adobe Digital Design.

Each class complements a student’s ability to imagine, create, and share their ideas, so it’s no surprise that the teacher chosen for the classes, Nicholas Gobel, is a perfect fit for each of the specialized categories. 

Gobel is a fun-loving, energetic individual, whose undergraduate degree is in Graphics Communications. He also has a Bachelor of Science in Technology, Engineering, and Design. 

Gobel will be teaching Adobe Visual Design and Adobe Digital Design next year during the brand new Adobe program. Gobel has been teaching Digital Media, Advance Digital Media, and Advanced Digital Media Honors ever since he started at this school (this will be his sixth years now). Gobel is excited for the new curriculum and the structure of these new classes, but he is also worried about these classes taking over the original Digital Media programs. “I like both types of curriculum, as well as the excitement of a new curriculum. I will kind of miss the old digital media curriculum offered and ability for students to get a sampling of all the different types of areas, like graphic design, all in one, versus taking a single class for a single content area,”  said Gobel.

The brand new Adobe classes will be open to all students who want to take the course. The Adobe programs will likely hold students who are artistic, creative, and work well with computers and their layouts. People who take the classes will also likely find themselves working alongside young filmmakers and actors in the class Adobe Video Design, with projects such as the short film project found in the previous digital classes. There have been lots of creative, funny, and straight up wild activities in the programs that anyone would definitely enjoy. 

“These classes seem to appeal to the sort of … artistic/creative mindset, but I’m just happy to teach all students,” said Gobel. He also doesn’t think that the changes in curriculum will change anything about the number of students that come to his class to learn and imagine.

Nicholas Gobel will be teaching a new wave of digital media classes taking place during the 2020 school year. In one of those classes, Gobel will use Adobe Illustrator to share creative and wacky art styles for the imaginative students he will teach. (Photo courtesy of Greyson Rupert)


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