What are the new digital portfolios?


Colleges have been defining students by just their grades for many years, but they’re are realizing that there is more to a student then how good or bad students score on test. Standardized test scores have been the forefront of how colleges assess students for many years, but colleges are starting to require a digital portfolio as part of a students’ college application. The digital portfolios are made by the student and will showcase what the student has done in class, projects, papers, and anything else that the student wants to display. 

“[Digital portfolios] show the work that students have done, it shows how it progresses and students get to decide what they put in… they could put from their worst to their best work,” said Finn Greer, a sophomore at Leesville. 

The digital portfolio follows the student from kindergarten through their senior year in high school, and it will show how the student has learned and grown throughout their time in school. Showing colleges the actual classwork that a student has done will give colleges a better understanding of what type of a student that person is. “SAT’s and ACT’s are just one single event… but these portfolios can show more of your common work which is in general is more important,” said Owen Fulk, a sophomore at Leesville.

Digital portfolios are not a new concept. “Wake County started training for the digital portfolios in 2012, they’re now being implemented…in 2019,” said Ms. Wedge, a English Teacher at Leesville, “It’s the future for college applications.” The digital portfolios will also help teach students some responsibility because the students are in charge of adding any work to their digital portfolio that they are proud of.

Digital portfolios are the future for college applications, and it benefits the students in a big way. The digital portfolios show not only the grades a student got, but it shows what the student is capable of doing in the classroom.

A student works on their digital portfolio during class time designated to working on digital portfolios. In 2019 Wake County is requiring all students to make a digital portfolio. (Photo courtesy of Trevor Darnell)


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