The minds behind the 2020 Leesville Mural


Leesville Road High School students and staff see many murals around the school, including the ones in the cafeteria, inside some of the teachers’ rooms, and the new one on the Senior Wall.

Chloe Horton, a student, heard about the Senior Wall mural contest and  “I heard about it before school started, and I just really wanted to be involved with the school and help out with something big,” said Horton.

So, in the light of a new year, Horton and a couple of choice musketeers helped give the wall an entire concept swap with the words, “We’ve got 2020 vision!” and “The Roaring 20’s” plastered on the wall in massive, bulging letters. It also showcases some bright colors and decals, such as flames on the bottom and sky blue on the top. Horton and her friends’ hard work and dedication really shows up on the wall. “A week or two before school we started painting the wall, so we were out there for about four hours a day, which was much different than the design process, where you just have a sketch of what will be there,” said Horton. Before the 2020 take on the senior wall, there was another lion with a prismatic look on the face of an intimidating-looking lion. The new lion is a combination of ideas from Horton and Elizabeth Fleming, entered through a contest of concepts that no teacher could decide which one they liked better.

The 2018 senior wall is ingrained in the minds of students who went to Leesville last year.(Photo courtesy of Jannah Said)

During the sketch and painting processes, Sarah Cade, a teacher at Leesville, supervised and assisted in the creation of the iconic lion, helping the students with professional ability on every brush and stroke. “Mrs. Rizzuto and I just really like being involved with these types of things because we have a chance to get to know students outside of the classroom, and you get to guide them through these opportunities that seniors get, and I think that’s kind of cool,” said Cade.

Horton, Cade, and co. collaborated on the wall to give the school a taste of the student and teacher artistic ability. The painted Senior Wall has a very special meaning for Horton. “I think it’s cool, because every time I drive by it, I look at it and think ‘wow, I did that, I contributed to the school’ so it has a very special meaning to me. I know people like to take pictures of it and see it as a school spirit thing” said Horton.  

Horton saw this as an opportunity to contribute to the school in a positive way, and the end result was way better than expected. “I think that this combination of ideas turned out to be the best mural I’ve ever seen, as well as the first 3D-looking mural I’ve ever seen and helped out with,” said Cade.

The 2020 Senior mural shines brightly, impossible to miss with its outward colors and unmistakable lion. Students, staff, and teachers alike driving by in the parking lot know that they are all welcome in the Leesville Pride. (Photo courtesy of Greyson Rupert)


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