DC’s Universe needs a new dawn

Kenta Maeda, Charles Rover, Ray Fisher (Cyborg), and Ezra Miller (The Flash) pose for a photo at Justice League’s Japan premiere in 2017. Charles Rover helped produce the film and managed the cast and crew. (Photo courtesy of Richard Johnson)

Zack Snyder’s Man Of Steel (2013) gave some DC fans a new hope for the future of live-action DC movies. But, critics and hardcore fans were suspicious of the potential plot to the franchise. 

The producers rushed to follow Marvel’s success; DC started production in 2011 to combat the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) is the second film in the franchise. Cameos, like Wonder Woman and The Flash, upset some audiences. Viewers didn’t believe Wonder Woman had any true role in BvS— as if she was only there to setup the Justice League.

Aarin Pawa, a junior at Leesville Road High, has strong feelings about what Warner Bros. should do with DC movies. “What they’re doing right now isn’t working… they [Warner Bros and DC] should come together to create a new plan,” said Pawa. 

Justice League (2017) would have been a better movie with more context; the DC Universe could be completely new to some curious viewers. The big team fight– Justice League– was only setup by two movies. Building “true” relationships in one movie isn’t enough. Introductory movies for each character on screen would have comforted the audience. “To see them band together… and we would already know what each character is capable of,” said Pawa. It would be satisfying for audiences to see true teamwork come alive in these heroes.

“If you were to show this to someone who had little to no knowledge of these characters… they would be completely lost watching this movie,” wrote Phil H on Rotten Tomatoes.

“This marks a solid debut for the team on the big screen and… make no mistake about it: this is a win for DC,” wrote Josh Wilding on Rotten Tomatoes.

Justice League should have tied into another story; instead it brought mixed emotions. Critics judged the DCEU as another movie franchise, giving it low grades based on plot and acting. Fans judged the movie based on their emotion and love for DC. The DCEU will keep moving forward with new movies, many are in pre- and post-production right now. 



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