Leesville’s JV football loses close game to Panther Creek


On Thursday, August 29, the Leesville JV football team took on Panther Creek in Leesville’s first home game of the season. Both teams fought hard, but Panther Creek walked away with a one point victory.

Panther Creek got the ball first and was driving, they would storm all the way to the Leesville sixteen yard line. The drive was stopped there as Leesville was able to force and recover a fumble. Unfortunately the turnover wasn’t able to spark the Leesville offense as they go three and out on that drive.

The game would remain dead locked at 0-0 for all of the first quarter and most of the second. It wasn’t until 3:06 left in the second quarter did Panther Creek score, a passing touchdown.  Panther Creek would go for a two point conversion after the touchdown and convert it making the score 8-0 in favor of Panther Creek.

Leesville’s offense did not look good after the Panther Creek touchdown. They had back to back five yard penalties during the beginning of the drive and ended up going three and out.

Panther Creek took advantage of their defense getting stops and scored another touchdown with :48 left in the second quarter. Panther Creek would try another two point conversion but would be unsuccessful in this attempt.

Leesville would have good field position after a short kick and a good return. After two incomplete passes and a sack, Leesville decided to go for it on fourth down with :25 left to go in the second quarter. The snap on fourth down went over the quarterback for Leesville’s head and Panther Creek would get it on the Leesville fifteen-yard line with :17 left to go in the second quarter. Panther Creek would not capitalize on this opportunity because of two illegal batting penalties on them as they tried to spike the ball to stop the clock. 

This would take us into halftime with Panther Creek leading 14-0.

After Leesville was able to put together a long drive, they finally pushed their way into the endzone thanks to a one yard run from Dominic Williams with 7:00 minutes left in the third quarter. Leesville would make the extra point to make it 14-7. The game would remain 14-7 Panther Creek leading for the remainder of the third quarter and most of the fourth quarter.

It would be till 2:42 left in the fourth quarter that Leesville would find the end zone again, thanks to another Dominic William run, this time from eight yards out. The extra point would be no good leaving Leesville trailing fourteen to thirteen and little time left.

Leesville would get the Panther Creek offense to a third down and six with 1:50 left in the game but an offside penalty on Leesville would help Panther Creek out and make it a shorter third down and one. The Leesville defense was able to get to the quarterback on this critical third down play but Leesville was unable to make the tackle in the backfield and the quarterback for Panther Creek ran for fifteen yards and a first down to seal the game for Panther Creek.

“We tried our best to keep our heads up, you know not get too down about it. We lost by one point, so it wasn’t that devastating,” said Dominic Williams, sophomore at Leesville and starting quarterback for the JV team, about the state of the Leesville locker room after the loss.

 Leesville warms up before their matchup against Panther Creek. Leesville looks to go 2-0 to start the season after a win against Wakefield the week before. (Photo Courtesy of Trevor Darnell)


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