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Celeste Castillo Joins the Leesville Faculty

Celeste Castillo rewards her students with pesos — spanish currency — when they answer a question in Spanish. Castillo encourages her students to participate even if they are unsure about the accuracy of their answers. (Photo Courtesy of Sarah Jumma)

As the 2019-2020 school year begins, Leesville’s student body will be adapting to several changes  — a new lunch schedule, seven hundred and fifty new peers and countless new additions to the staff. Among the new arrivals is Celeste Castillo, a Spanish teacher with a passion to teach and the excitement of a first year teacher.

Starting a new job is always exciting but the 2019-2020 school year is especially significant for Castillo. “[Teaching at Leesville] is actually my first teaching job. I student taught at Garner High School for a year, but this is my first long term job,” said Castillo. 

Castillo recently graduated from North Carolina State University and is excited to educate others. 

Although teaching at Leesville Road High School is Castillo’s first job, she is eager to connect with her students in a way experienced teachers may not be able to. “I am pretty close in age to all my students, so I think I am excited about bringing their interests into the classroom and methods of technology that they find fun,” said Castillo. 

“I think my favorite part [about Leesville] is how everyone is super lively and awake,” said Castillo. Although Leesville Road High School is about to start its second week, Castillo feels at home with the community already. “At the last school I was at, everyone seemed like they just did not want to be there. Everyone at Leesville makes it fun to come [to school],” said Castillo. 

Castillo is teaching Spanish 1 and Spanish 2 this semester and is excited to introduce the vast culture and language to young students. With teachers like Castillo, the Leesville community knows their children are receiving the best public education possible. 


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