The Office and TV Time


The TV sensational show The Office has taken over the world, sometimes pushing important homework and due dates to the side as students would rather watch an episode than do their schoolwork. (Photo courtesy of Abigail Mabe) 

The Office is a worldwide sensation that aired on March 24, 2005. It is a popular go-to for students and teachers around Leesville as it contributes to stress relief from homework and assignments. This show might be getting in the way of homework though, posing an obstacle to an adequate amount of sleep and stifling homework participation. 

Netflix will take The Office off of its app early 2021, which has angered and saddened students. “It’ll just cause so much more stress because whenever I’m stressed out about school, I just go to The Office because it’s so funny and it makes me feel so much more relaxed,” said Caroline Comeskey, an Office enthusiast. “The Office is a daily part of my routine.”

From a teacher perspective, The Office and TV in general is also an important part of daily routine. “During the school year [I watch The Office] maybe half an hour [daily] to give my mind a break after work,” said Lauren Harper, a teacher at Leesville. “There has to be a line [between TV and homework time].”

Comeskey admits to spending more time on homework than watching The Office. “[I watch] two or three episodes a day [and spend] a lot longer, probably like three or four hours [on homework],” said Comeskey, emphasizing the importance of homework over TV. 

Many students still watch more TV than spending time on homework, according to Harper, who has first-hand experience of homework procrastinators. “Probably too many to count,” said Harper, when asked about the number of students who give excuses about their uncompleted homework due to finishing a TV show. 

It is important to find a balance between homework time and shows like The Office, because even though it may be a stress relief, it could also get in the way of important assignments. “You just need to know how to set boundaries and limits, just setting goals like tonight I’m just going to watch one episode,” said Harper.


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