• January 25, 2021

Quick Bites

Contributors: Ellie Bruno and Gretchen Stern K-Pop Twitter Rises Again Me: #ImpeachBidenNow is trending? WTF? Also me when I see it was k-pop highjacked: pic.twitter.com/DkHoj6Hq5H — Erin (@3isahandful) January 22,

Trumpism Won’t Die Out After He’s Out of Office

Trump supporters stormed the Capitol building in attempts to stop the certification of President-elect Biden’s win. While they were unsuccessful, these rioters still caused five deaths and thousands in property

Beach Bunny Blame Game Review

Friday, January 15, the Chicago indie band Beach Bunny released their new four-track long EP Blame Game.  Although short, this EP stands out as being bolder from their previous works

Awards Day Reminder

Standing in front of the class, Dubay announced that he had an award for every person in the class. These were not the silly superlatives that many teachers hand out so that every student gets an award. Instead, Dubay offered valuable advice to his students, reminding each one that he or she will make a difference in the world – some by possibly curing cancer, and others by being a good friend or spouse.