Senior spotlight: Deanna Choplin

Choplin became a part of the Leesville community when she was only in the first grade and has been warming the lives of her friends and teachers ever since. ( Used by permission of Deanna Choplin)

If you have ever had the privilege of meeting Deanna Choplin it is an encounter you will never forget. Her essence is bright and colorful, and she knows how to make someone smile.

Choplin is a senior at Leesville this year. She is a member of the Snack Club and was part of the LRHS Chorus. She is fond of learning, especially math and social studies.

She is the youngest of three sisters, and the last in her family to graduate from high school. Deanna is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet; she is easy to talk to, bubbly, and kind. In her short time at Leesville, she has been not only an exemplary student, but an entrepreneur, upstanding citizen, and friend. 

Her Business 

When she’s not at school Deanna devotes her time to her business, Rainbow Uniqueness. She launched the store back in November 2023 and since then it has become largely successful. 

When Deanna felt she needed a job, she carefully considered her options. She wanted to pick something that would allow her to work a flexible schedule so she could have time for her education, and allow her to spend quality time with her family. 

She is currently selling custom made, beaded bracelets that range in color and style. In the future, she hopes to venture into selling other products and keep growing her business.

If you would like to purchase one for her gorgeous bracelets check out her Instagram @dfaithchop and send her a message. 

Service Achievements 

Deanna volunteers at her church in the children’s ministry. She spends time with kids with special needs doing crafts and playing games. 

Deanna was awarded with the Leesville Service Award for twenty-five to forty-nine hours of service for her work within her church. But her act of service was not about an award, she shared that she loved having the chance to connect with people with a variety of needs and abilities while serving in this capacity.

Choplin said, “It teaches me different abilities outside of my abilities.” 

She took the opportunity to better understand all the ways individuals experience life, furthermore, it helped her grow as a person. 

Choplin said, “I think it teaches me different abilities outside of my abilities, and what their life is like, and teaches me to have more empathy.”

What teachers have to say 

One of Deanna’s favorite teachers, Nichole Sellers, said, “She is very hard-working, and a leader in the classroom.” Sellers is going to miss the positive energy and all her help in the class.

Debra McCullough, instructional assistant, has been working with Deanna since she was in first grade. She has gotten the privilege of watching Deanna flourish into the strong young woman she is today. McCullough adores Deanna’s sense of optimism and unwavering diligence in and outside of the classroom.  

McCullough said, “I’m going to miss Deanna [when she graduates]; it is going to be hard to find another gem.” 

After she graduates, Deanna is considering working at Exhibition Hub Art Center– an immersive art museum– while keeping up with Rainbow Uniqueness.

Deanna being the kind-hearted and generous person she is, is also planning to come back to volunteer in the Leesville community.

When asked what advice Choplin has for underclassmen, she said, “Don’t be shy. It might seem scary in a big school, but if you take it bit by bit it’s not so overwhelming.”

Choplin’s advice was for younger students, but this advice also rings true for seniors as they open a new chapter of life. 

It may all seem overwhelming as you head out into the world, and you might feel like the shy freshman you once were, but step by step you will find your way.


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