WRAL Azalea Gardens for prom

The gardens included scenic trails that provided a variety of places to take prom pictures. Pictured left to right: Katie Carrigan (junior), Valentina Fernandez (junior), Jake Lindsay (senior), Gaddyn Cole (junior at Ravenscroft), Koy Sloop (junior), Keira Dillon (junior). (Photo courtesy of Sophia Bridell)

The WRAL Azalea Gardens in downtown Raleigh boast beautiful scenery and architecture. As a result, the gardens were one of the most popular places for prom pictures this year.

Prior to prom, I’d never been to the gardens, but I knew a lot of people were planning on taking pictures there. I was excited because I figured I would be able to take pictures with friends that weren’t a part of the group I was going with to prom.

My group arrived at the gardens at around 5 pm; there were so many people there that there was no parking in, around, or near the gardens.

Erica Stevens, junior, said, “We were watching people pass the intersection and almost every single car pulled into the gardens… I had to sit in my car and wait for a spot to open up for a good 15 minutes.”

Walking into the actual gardens was like walking into a maze of pretty dresses. It was so crowded that you couldn’t avoid being in the back of someone’s photos. 

Despite the overwhelming number of people at the gardens, It was easy to understand the appeal.

“The flowers were so pretty and everything was green… the gardens and the dresses just made for really pretty pictures,” said Koy Sloop, junior.

On top of the dozens of Leesville prom groups taking pictures, there was also a wedding, and students from other schools’ proms.

In general, as long as you plan ahead, the WRAL Azalea Gardens are the perfect place to host events, take pictures, or simply enjoy a scenic part of Raleigh.


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