Awards Day celebrates students’ hard work

On May 12, Leesville held their annual Awards Day ceremony to honor the students who exceeded academic standards.

Around sixty students win awards ranging from Best Weightlifting Student to Best Calculus Student. A few days before the assembly students were given passes inviting them to the Awards Ceremony, but not saying what award they won.

“I was surprised I was winning an award,” said Brooke Barrier, senior. “I didn’t know what it would be for, so it was a surprise for the people winning the awards too.”

Teachers submit names of students who have surpassed standards in their classes. The student’s chosen are not necessarily the ones with the highest grade, however often times they are, but the students who develop a love for the subject in which they are studying.

For seniors, Awards Day has come to mean a lot more than it did freshman year. “I didn’t even see Awards Day freshman year, but now it’s nice to see all my friend’s hard work pay off,” said Katie Putnam, senior.

“Awards Day didn’t really matter to me.  I barely knew any of the people getting awards because most of the people were upperclassmen,” said Billy Evans, freshman. “I think when I am an upperclassmen it will matter a lot more because my friends will be the ones winning the awards.

 Awards Day ended with a speech by Allison Werk, the 2010-2011 Student Body President. “Her speech was awesome, she made me reflect on all of high school,” said Putnam.


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