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Whiskey found as alternative, renewable energy source

When people imagine downing a pint of whiskey, their logic is typically not to save energy. Ironically, thanks to a new innovation by an independently-owned distillery in Scotland, that is exactly what drinkers around the world will be doing.

The distiller, Bruichladdich, will begin using anaerobic bacteria in their whiskey waste to create an alternative, renewable source of electricity.

The company hopes that the bacteria will produce 85% of its total electricity, saving Bruichladdich around $175,000 yearly.

The waste water, more commonly referred to as “Pot Ale,” is difficult to dispose of, costing companies nearly $30,000 annually, further bolstering the case for the biofuel.

Major opponents of biofuels claim that they are inconvenient, but this fact is void in the case of whiskey. It is cheaper to convert the alcohol into electricity than it is to simply dispose of it.

This is not the first time Bruichladdich defied conventional brewing methods; in fact, the company bottles their product entirely on site and they use only organic products.

Though it is unrealistic that this alternative-energy could ever be a major contributor to the US energy-consumption, this is still a profound discovery that could at least relieve some of the tension from America’s major energy source: fossil fuels.

Whiskey that is converted into electricity in an easy, cost efficient manner? You’ll drink to that.


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