Class of X leaves their mark


Leesville’s bright young graduates left their mark on the school that will be remembered in embarrassment for years to come. Way to go out with a bang, X.

The red Volkswagon Golf parked in the grassy circle behind the school that was intended to remind students to practice safe partying was vandalized the night of May 25. Scrawled in white spray paint all over the car were images of male reproductive organs and CLASS OF X. To add even more to this hilariously crafty middle-school-level prank, the students stuck a random street sign into the roof of the car to attract more attention.

The Golf was not on Leesville property for more than 24 hours before the senior students felt the need to write their cliché title all over the body of the car, like a dog urinating on a tree to display his dominance.

The car has not yet been addressed by the administrators or faculty. It was silently placed in the circle before school started with a simple written reminder: “Take Pride, Don’t Drink and Drive.” The students used the destroyed vehicle as their canvas the following night to turn the serious statement into a shrine to Leesville’s Elite, the Class of 2010.

If we are supposed to “Respect Our Elders” as the twelfth-graders suggest, vandalizing a car that someone died in makes it kind of hard to view them as intelligent young men and women deserving of our respect.


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