Afternoon in June takes different approach to stardom


Most kids go through their entire childhood without the faintest clue of what their true passion in life really is.

A fortunate, select few students at Leesville Road High have known what their ambitions are since birth. These fortuitous few have dedicated their entire life to becoming rock stars.

This group of students, Kiley Blades, Robert Granecki, and Jonathan Wendt, founded a band with the potential to be the most dominant, revolutionizing musical force since The Beatles. This band’s name is Afternoon in June.

In a rare, exclusive interview opportunity, Blades opened up about how the band got started: “If I remember right, it was the first sunny day of spring. I went to Snoopy’s with [fellow band members] Robert and Jon. While we were there choking down some strawberry ice cream, we asked a random girl to photograph us.”

This initial statement confused me:  How could photographs lead to a band? Wendt helped elucidate the situation: “Most bands are music-first; we’re the exact opposite. We focus on being photogenic and take pictures. The good tunes come second.”

The heart of the band originates from lead singer Jonathan Wendt, whose voice was compared to “A combination of Jesus Christ and Lady Gaga” by an anonymous fan.

Blades and Granecki contribute with their virtuoso-esque guitar playing ability. “Our genre is alternative indie hip hop,” noted Blades.

Afternoon in June has not yet reached the widespread fame they are more than capable of attaining. What AIJ has accomplished however, is a hit single: Why Can’t The Mets Win A Game.

“The song expresses my frustration at being a [New York] Mets fan my entire life, I’ve shed tears over that team,” Blades woefully recalled.

AIJ’s photo shoots can be viewed from their Facebook page, and the band is currently planning their North Carolina tour. Their first album, Idaho Spuds, is set to be released Fall of 2010.

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