New Sign In Procedures for Visitors to LRHS

photo courtesy Katy Huis

Leesville administrators recently implemented the Lobby Guard, a new sign-in procedure to provide more security for students and staff.

“The old sign-in log was inefficient. We sometimes couldn’t read people’s handwriting so it really wasn’t that safe,” said Mrs. Fluke, front office receptionist. “The Lobby Guard is a user friendly visitor management system,” she said, quoting the Lobby Guard’s manual.

Visitor signing in using Lobby Gaurd. (photo courtesy Katie Bellino)

The Lobby Guard is a touch screen computer device. When visitors approach the machine, they enter information such their birth date and name and reason for visiting the school. The machine asks for visitors to scan their driver’s license but having a driver’s license is not crucial in completing the sign-in process.

 After entering this information, the machine then asks the visitor to pose for a picture, which is printed and placed onto a green sticker ID along with necessary information.

The sign-out process is very short compared to the sign-in; visitors “sign-out” by scanning the barcode on their sticker ID and then dispose of the ID in a conveniently placed trashcan.

This system has been used at Leesville Middle and Elementary school for the past couple years, and Leesville High is one of the last Wake County Schools to implement the Lobby Guard.

“It’s not standard for all Wake County Schools, but it’s becoming that way,” said Fluke. “It helps to easily and quickly identify all visitors on campus and will probably become a necessity in Wake County Schools.”


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