Expenses that come with senior year 

Students of Leesville celebrating the first day of senior year! The seniors were excited for their last year, not knowing the expenses they had ahead of them. (Photo Courtesy of Haley Lamme) 

Senior year is a very expensive year for students as they are applying for colleges, going to their last dances, graduating at the end of the year, and preparing for college. 

The average college application fee is about $55, but fees can be upwards of $75 or $90. On average, students apply to eight to twelve colleges. That is a range of $440 to $660 spent for college applications. Free waivers can be sent in the mail for college applications which can help with the expenses. 

The next expense that comes with senior year is football games. Seniors love to get involved and enjoy their last year supporting their high school football team. Tickets are $8 for each game or students can purchase an individual pass for $60 or a family pass is $200 to have entry into every game. 

On top of football tickets, students purchase clothes and accessories for the football themes. Many students go all out with their outfits and accessories which is another big expense. 

Homecoming is a fun dance that is during football season. Students gather with their friends for pictures and dinner. On top of a fun night, it is also an expensive night. Dresses can range from $60- $120 and typically tuxedos range from $200 to $1500. Dinner could be $30 to 80 dollars depending on the type of restaurant you go to. That doesn’t even include shoes and accessories!  

Winterfest has the same expenses as Homecoming. Dresses, tuxes, and dinner. To save money, you can share dresses or re-wear clothing! If you were to purchase new attire and dinner that comes out to be about another $140 or even more if a new tuxedo is purchased. 

Basketball season, followed by soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and soccer costs money for tickets. Many students are involved in supporting the school’s athletics but that comes with the expense of tickets for every game. 

Prom, an event that is a night to remember but an event that breaks the bank. Tickets to attend Leesville are $50-$60. The average prom dress is $350 to $500. They can even go upwards for $600 or $1000. Tuxes are expensive if a new one is purchased with a tie to match! Prom heels are about $30 to $100 and accessories can be expensive if higher-end jewelry is purchased. Most people attend a nice dinner for prom. Fine dining can be over $100. 

Preparing for graduation is also a huge expense. Cap and gowns are $65. Graduation dresses are about $60, on top of graduation shoes and jewelry. 

With all of these expenses throughout senior year, the largest expense is right around the corner. Paying for college is thousands and thousands of dollars. Look into scholarship information and All You Need to Know about the Class of 2024 through this link

College orientation is mandatory for most schools and about $200 per person plus about $150 to bring a guest. The dorm shopping journey begins at the end of senior year. People put thousands of dollars into dorm shopping just to buy the necessities. Bed sheets, comforters, organization, storage, and decorations are all needed. According to the National Retail Federation,“college students and their families plan on spending an average of $1,200 on dorm supplies.”

In total, with all of the expenses listed above, the average senior would spend almost $4,000 during their senior year and preparing for college. 


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