• September 18, 2020

Virtual Elections for Student Council

Student council elections were held on September 8-9th, 2020. Some positions resulted in ties and campaigning was harder due to virtual school. (Photo Courtesy of Amelia Collado) Leesville Road High

LRHS Football Team Can’t Train Together

The Leesville football team players have been getting creative with how they’ve been staying in shape since they are unable to practice with their teammates. Many Leesville football players from

Quick Bites: Internet’s Latest News

Contributors: Asis Johnson, Jacob Smith, Lauren Taylor, Amelia Collado Billie’s Beginnings On  September 8th, Fender released the official Billie Eilish signature ukulele. The ukulele, made in collaboration with Fender– a

Awards Day Reminder

Standing in front of the class, Dubay announced that he had an award for every person in the class. These were not the silly superlatives that many teachers hand out so that every student gets an award. Instead, Dubay offered valuable advice to his students, reminding each one that he or she will make a difference in the world – some by possibly curing cancer, and others by being a good friend or spouse.