Breathalyzers at prom

As many Leesville students have already heard on the daily announcements, there will be breathalyzers at the door of Prom to prevent attendees from drinking underage.

According to Gary Duvall, administrator at LRHS, said that the purpose of the breathalyzers is to ensure the safety of all students who enter Prom. “We want them to make the correct decisions,” said Duvall.

Leesville administrators contacted Raleigh PD who will organize the process, which came at no cost to the school. And for the rumors that the breathalyzers are only for students who are visibly drunk, here’s your warning: “We are breathalyzing each and every person who comes through the doors,” said Duvall.

Students expressed surprise and skepticism at the claim that police would breathalyze every single Prom attendee: “It’ll take forever just to get into the dance!” said Drew Casadonte, junior. However, most people conceded that the precautions were necessary after other drinking-related incidents that took place this year.

“I guess it doesn’t really matter. It makes sense,” said Jake Woodrow, junior. “They’re going to have to watch out for other drugs now though,” he speculated.

Officer Manson was also surprised to learn that every student would be breathalyzed, but agreed with the administration’s decision. Although he will not be at Prom, the officers administering the tests will most likely be familiar faces.

For those students who are caught drinking underage, they will be subject to the Wake County Discipline Policy, which states that first-time offenders will be suspended for five days and have to attend an alcohol education class. Those who violate the policy again will face long-term suspension — until the end of the school year.


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