18: Maturity and mischief


18: age of legal adulthood. The changes that accompany an ordinary birthday do not come close to rivaling the monumental 18th birthday. As adolescents approach the responsibilities and liabilities that adulthood entails, becoming 18 opens many other opportunities.  Below is a semi-exhaustive list of experiences the door of adulthood opens. (Note: except for number 4, the activities listed below are not encouraged.)

1. Acquire a credit card to pay for everything

Money was always an issue before you turned 18, but there’s nothing like the magic of plastic to ease any guilt associated with watching your precious stacks of cash dwindle away. Once an adult, you have an unlimited source of money for practically everything. Use this as an impetus to fund all your new-found adult activities.

2. Buy tobacco products
Although certainly addictive, tobacco product use is imperative in order to “look cool.” Looking cool is one of the greatest things that you can achieve in your lifetime, and tobacco use is an easy way to get there. However, tobacco is very addicting, and the health concerns related to long-term use negate the “cool” factor.

3. Take a road trip without parental consent
While a minor, you must have parental consent to go on a road trip without being considered a runaway. While gas prices are still below five dollars, visit White Castle, only an eight hour drive from Raleigh.

4. Register to vote/sign up for the draft
Voting is one of the most important adult activities in America. In order to keep our country moving on the right track, it is essential that you make educated choices on our leaders and important issues. Being an active citizen allows you to vote for the hottest female candidates (Sarah Palin). Registering for the draft is a mandatory activity for all males, but not females! And they complain about gender equality…

5. Star in a pornographic film
The scourge of adult activities, starring in a pornographic film is legal once you’re 18 but is very ill-advised. Who wants to be remembered as a porn star maid/geezer? Not me, says this almost-adult staff writer. Why not participate in healthier activities, such as Key Club or getting an awesome body piercing?

6. Get a sick tat
Tattoos are a special way of expressing yourself and can serve as a symbol for important life experiences or ideals. Why not permanently mark yourself with a teenage representation of what you think is cool? In 40 years, it’ll still be cool! Also, with new tattoo technologies, tattoo drooping over years is greatly reduced, especially with Botox treatments.

Previously illegal and sometimes frowned upon, the possibilities above allow for self discovery and development into a healthy adulthood. Without freedom, maturation does not come as easily. Some of these experiences at 18 years old are regarded as mistakes later in life, but without mistakes, our lives would be bland. Although participating in frivolous or dangerous activities can be detrimental to a certain point, the way we learn and grow is through these ill-advised mistakes. (Note: again, the extremely perilous activities listed above are NOT encouraged.)

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