Modern music too vulgar for these ears

Every evening, I like to pump up the radio and sing in the shower. It is a time to relax and pretend that people actually like the sound of my inharmonious falsetto. As the years have gone by, and I have continued to belt out mirror-shattering melodies, I noticed that the lyrics to the songs I so wholeheartedly try to sing are the stuff of nightmares and X-rated hygiene.

On the radio, everyonehas access to different genres of music. There are even individual stations dedicated to rock, to rap/R&B, to the oldies, to the crap we hear on G105 and tons more. With a click of a button or turn of a dial, we have a VIP pass to the profanity and bawdiness that modern society somehow finds completely appropriate, but used to reject.

Obviously people cursed and said vulgar things in generations past. Yet, we as the new generation have become too familiar with four-letter words. So much familiarity has even caused us to use them unnecessarily in casual phrases to the extent that they do not even make sense.

The other day I was talking to a friend who told me she was “pissed as %@#$!” This use of this word in such a way is so common now that I barely noticed it. In retrospect, the phrase contains no meaning and is entirely incorrect. You cannot use an adjective comparatively to a “verb.” It just does not work that way, girlfriend.

Many of the songs we listen to on the radio contain lyrics and motifs that are revolting, though we never really seem to notice. I do not know anyone brushes their teeth with a bottle of Jack, but I would gladly recommend them to my dentist, or more appropriately, a shrink. The characters of “artists” like Ke$ha are extremely unrealistic and unhealthy. They also leave terrible impressions for anyone, especially children, who listen to them.

My reproach toward modern music is not so uncommon as one might suppose. Quite frankly, there are many of us who shudder at those who talk and dress in the lewd, smutty fashions of our generation.

The vulgar habits we seem to frequently encounter are undoubtedly influenced by the raunchy media that surrounds us. The casualness in which we participate in these unacceptable activities just further shows that our generation lacks classiness and moral decency that was once considered important. It is up to us now to make a change, take a stance and just turn off the radio.


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