Sherry Frost Involvement Scholarship


Everyone involved with Leesville Road High School depends on Sherry Frost. Her daily emails keep parents and students updated on what is happening at the school. A woman who does so much and devotes so much time to helping the school deserves some recognition – which Leesville did when they named the Sherry Frost Involvement Scholarship after her this year. I recently asked Frost questions about this honor in an e-mail interview.

Q: What types of students is this scholarship aimed toward?

A: The scholarship is aimed at students who have contributed time to LRHS – this can be via clubs, activities, sports, groups, volunteering, etc.  Their activities should have helped improve and enhance our school activities.  Overall we want to award it to someone who helps to make Leesville High a great place to be.

Q: Why was this scholarship named after you?

A: The scholarship was named after me because I have had an extremely high level of volunteering at all 3 Leesville Schools over the 10 years that we have lived here and my sons have attended these schools.  I’ve been PTA President at all 3 schools for 2 years each (which is the term limit) and have been an officer for the other years.  I’ve devoted a ton of time to help make LRHS a great place to go to school, and specifically to help parents be involved and informed about the great things happening at LRHS. 

My main activity has been starting and continuing a daily email to LRHS parents to let them know what’s going at LHS.  We have built the email list from scratch to 2100 people now!  We send info each day school is in session, as well as other times as needed.  I have done this for 6 years now at LRHS and we call it the “Yahoo email” as our list is maintained by Yahoo.  It has successfully kept parents informed and that’s why we grew from a few hundred subscribers at the beginning to 2100 now.  I should say it’s free to anyone who wants to join, supported by Yahoo through their advertising.  We even have some staff and students who subscribe.  I did the same thing at Leesville Middle and it was so well-received that we introduced it at LRHS.

Q: What will you miss the most about working with Leesville?

A: The thing I will miss most when I leave LHS is the people.  I can honestly say I’ve loved working with great staff, parents and students, and that’s kept me involved.   I’ve enjoyed it each year.   But I should say… I’m not really leaving!  I plan to continue to volunteer next year to complete a few projects that I haven’t had the time to start yet! 

Q: What is the best thing about being involved with Leesville?

A: The best thing about parents or students being involved at LRHS is the “open door” policy that our Principal has, and that our former Principal had.  I feel that anyone with an idea or a desire to be involved is welcomed eagerly.  Students create new clubs, or rise within their own activities.  This contributes to a vibrant, active and alive community, which attracts more eager people who want to be included too.  It’s a domino effect – do a great job and others will follow in your footsteps and be welcomed.  That’s my hope – leaving a legacy for others to jump in and make their own footprints, while bringing their own talents and energy to the school.   LRHS will be the better for it.


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