Senior council puts together slideshow


The senior slideshow is often one of Leesville seniors’ favorite parts of the senior assembly. Featuring photos of all 559 people in the senior class, it allows students to reminisce on good times in high school and laugh at old, embarrassing pictures.

Morgan Burke, senior, said that it’s hard to acquire photos of every person in the senior class. “We made a Facebook group and set up an email address so that people can send us their pictures to make sure everyone is in there. It’s really hard if people don’t have Facebooks or aren’t as outgoing,” said Burke.

For the most part, students submit pictures of themselves hanging out on weekends, including going to the Fair and attending the Harry Potter midnight premiere. “Luckily, people are pretty aware of what picture they’re submitting for everyone to see – we would have to reject pictures that suggest alcohol,” said Burke.

Although student council is still taking requests for songs to play during the slideshow, they plan on using the class song, “Best Days” by Graham Colton, as well as a mash-up of songs from the past year arranged by DJ Earworm.

“The best part of working on the slideshow is seeing all the different pictures of what people do and who their friends are. It’s great to be involved in the senior assembly, but a lot of pressure at the same time,” said Burke.”

The deadline to submit pictures is March 31. Students should email them to Joni Amerson ( or Naomi Vining (


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