Nadja Young, CTE teacher, leaves Leesville


After four and a half years working at Leesville, Nadja Young, the CTE teacher, is leaving.

“I recently began thinking of what the next steps in my career might be. I am interested in eventually moving into Education Policy and impacting education on a broader landscape. I came across this opportunity while planning a SAS Field trip for my Strategic Marketing class. It appeared to be the perfect blend of my skills and interests,” said Young, via email.

Her new job will consist of multiple subjects.

“It combines Sales, Marketing, and Business Development with Education Policy. It will challenge me to grow professionally and develop my long-term goals. I in no way wanted to leave Leesville mid-year, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up,” she said, wistfully.

Her new job is more business like than teaching, as she will be employed by a well known software company.

“SAS Institute in Cary, NC. I will be an Education Specialist working on nationwide business development for one of their education software programs, EVAAS.”

Mr. Lyons is still working to find a strong replacement,

As for returning back to Leesville one day, Young was optimistic.

“I am taking a leap of faith, but I may really miss working with high school students. If I decide to come back to the classroom, there is no school I would rather teach at than Leesville,” she added.

Young will miss many things about Leesville, but one thing in particular.

“Standing in the hallway during passing periods- chatting and joking around with students and other teachers in my hall. I will miss that,” she concluded.


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