Despite beginner status, lacrosse team optimistic


A lacrosse club began at Leesville this year, after many attempts by Leesville students to create a school team. The players are optimistic about the success and growth of the team that is now in its beginning stages.

The team includes students from all skill levels, from those who have played lacrosse for years to those who are just learning the basics. However, Peter Klavins, junior, asserts that the mix of experience does not hurt the team. “There are enough experienced players to help the guys who are in their first year playing lacrosse. For its first year, the team works well together,” said Klavins.

Because the team is made up of players from all skill levels, the first few days of practice, led by Coach Fulbright, focused on going over the fundamentals. “Everyone made the team, and there are a lot of new players. We have time to develop our skills and be really good by the time we become a Varsity team,” said Cody Close, freshman.

“We want to build a foundation and infrastructure so that we are not just a team for the 2011 season, but that we develop into a continuing program that will provide an opportunity for Leesville students to play lacrosse well into the future – whether that be as a club team or ultimately as a school sponsored team,” said Fulbright. “Another goal was to treat the club team as seriously as we would a school funded team – from player expectations and commitment to the amount of games we schedule.”

Becoming a Varsity team is a future that many of the lacrosse players look forward to. “We’re not really affiliated with the school,” said Chase. “We have to find our own fields, our own uniforms – but you have to start somewhere.”

“It would be easier to be a Varsity team, especially when it comes to practice – we practice everyday after school at Baileywick Park – and getting more organized,” said Klavins. “We’re really glad we’re a club team, but we definitely all want it to become a Varsity sport.”

However, despite the difficulties the team faces in their first year, the excitement radiates through the players and coach.

Fulbright said, “I am excited about seeing the players put the uniform on and play the first game. I was excited about the first practice. I was excited about the first organizational meeting. This whole experience is full of “firsts” that the players and parents will never be able to recreate. Overall the thing I am most excited about is the opportunity for a Leesville student to represent their school and community while playing lacrosse.”

For now, the team does conditioning, as well as practicing drills and plays and scrimmaging everyday after school. They will play around twenty-five different games against teams including Roxboro High School, Triton High School and Ravenscroft. And they will continue working to get their sport Varsity status.


  1. I hope the Leesville administration will attend some of the games and see what an asset a school team would be to Leesville. Lacrosse has been a popular sport for decades in other areas of the country and is gaining popularity here. Colleges routinely award scholarships for lacrosse and it would be wonderful if Leesville boys could have the opportunity to compete for those scholarships. The club team is a great start! Go Pride!


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