Tennis team pushes through rough start

Rich Frost, captain, serves during match against Broughton
Rich Frost, captain, serves during match against Broughton

The Leesville Road High School men’s tennis team played an extremely close match at home against Wakefield on March 9. The match ended with a four to four tie, and Nathan Miller and Ben Snell’s doubles match was also forced to end in a tie when it grew too dark to continue playing. Leesville’s match against Wakefield on April 8 will open with a tie breaker in order to determine the outcome of Tuesday’s match.

The team hopes for a win, as they began the year with a rough start, and their record now stands at 1-2-1. Rich Frost, senior captain of the team, explained this rocky beginning to the season by pointing out the tough schedule. “We started out playing the top two teams in the state, and the non-conference teams we play are all ranked in the top twenty, making for some tough competition,” said Frost. As of right now, Leesville’s team remains unranked.

The team puts a lot of pressure on themselves to win each match. “When we lose, we have a big team meeting at practice the next day to discuss what went wrong. Everyone is frustrated, so we have to let our tension out and offer each other constructive criticism,” said Frost.

However, despite the team’s recent losses, Frost is optimistic about the rest of the season. “We have a new coach, Coach Stone, and he has a really fiery attitude that our old coach didn’t have – it helps the team play tougher during the matches and gets us focused on playing our best.”

As the season continues, fans should come out and support the team as they push through this rough start and improve their overall record.


Feb. 12 – Panther Creek

Mar. 2 – Enloe

Mar. 3 – @ Chapel Hill

Mar. 4 – @ Broughton

Mar. 9 – Wakefield

Mar. 11 – @ Sanderson

Mar. 16 – Millbrook

Mar. 23 – @ WF-Rolesville

Mar. 24 – @ Enloe

Apr. 6 – Broughton

Apr. 7 – @ Apex

Apr. 8 – @ Wakefield

Apr. 13 – Sanderson

Apr. 14 – @ Green Hope

Apr. 15 – @ Millbrook

Apr. 21 – WF-Rolesville

Apr. 27 – 28 – CAP-7 Championships


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