New fads to look out for


I remember the first time I saw a Silly Band – a red rhino – and knew I immediately had to get one. Suddenly and out of nowhere, Silly Bandz exploded. They appeared on the wrists of kids and teens, from those who were not yet in kindergarten to high school graduates. People traded them, bought multi-packs, and younger children had collections in the hundreds, often wearing them all at once.

And then just as instantly, they were gone. However, Leesville students are not ones to go fad-free for long. So what are the newest trends that are taking off?

Lego keychains:
Already dangling off many sets of car keys, Lego keychains are becoming a fun fad. They feature a variety of Lego characters, ranging from Buzz Lightyear to Harry Potter to Darth Vader, leaving plenty of options for students to participate in the trend and still be original. And don’t worry if you don’t yet drive! The keychains also look cute dangling off of backpacks, and they are available at the Lego store at Crabtree Valley mall for about five dollars.

Moccasin slippers:
What could possibly be better than slippers that you can wear out in public? Nothing. Moccasins have a low-key look that look natural and outdoorsy, even if you choose to wear them while lounging in front of the television. These soft, comfortable moccasins can be found in the slipper department of most stores for less than twenty dollars and look cute even when your main goal is comfort over fashion.

Slouchy suede boots:
Already seen on the feet of countless girls at Leesville, these suede boots are slowly becoming the new staple in boots as they begin to surpass Uggs. Relatively cheap — they can be found for less than thirty dollars — the boots can be casually worn over jeans while still looking nice enough to wear with a dress or skirt. Because winters in Raleigh do not require tundra-worthy footwear, these lightweight boots are perfect through fall and winter and come in a variety of colors.

Cross-body bags:
Ever since Alan on The Hangover said, “It’s not a purse, it’s a satchel,” these over-the-shoulder bags have been seen on countless female students across Leesville and on the occasional male who does not shy away from the “murse” look. These bags come in all sizes, perfect for holding school books or just a cellphone and car keys, and are great for when you want to keep your hands free with a no-nonsense bag.

Energy Armor bands:
Although the makers have already admitted there is no scientific evidence to back up the bands that are touted to improve stability, these bands still appear on the wrists of countless Leesville athletes. Reminiscent of the once-popular “Livestrong” bands, these thirty dollar rubber bracelets have two shiny stickers that supposedly balance the body. The question as to whether or not the bands actually work has not stopped many Leesville students from wearing the bands, and many believe the health claims.

As we move into spring, many new fads are sure to arise, and I will keep the Leesville public posted as to what trends they should be keeping an eye on.


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