Pointless procrastination peeves professors


Hello, I’m Jonathan Wendt. You may not be familiar with my name because I haven’t posted a new article on the Mycenaean Website for some time now. Due to various distractions, excuses, and tom-foolery, I’ve managed to fall behind quite a bit in my work in Newspaper.
As a result of this combination of extreme procrastination and severe senioritis, I’m typing this article at 10:47pm on the night before my Newspaper final exam. As it is Martin Luther King Jr. day, I’m missing out on the festivities of the holiday, sitting at my kitchen table armed with a tray of Bagel Bites and other sorts of fuel. I’ll finish this article after I run to the gas station to pick up a can of Red Bull.


Okay, I’m back. The problem with procrastination is its dangerous, exponential nature. Starting junior year, the urge to coast along through the semester grips many unsuspecting souls on their journey through high school.

Procrastination develops as a result of passivity and lack of motivation towards the completion of undesirable tasks. What starts off as a cute excuse to “do it later” can transform into a monstrous, destructive group of decisions. Unfortunately, I’m in the midst of realizing that this initial subtle mindset eventually equates to a torrential flood of lazy thoughts that effectively permeates all habits and destroys work ethic.
The fact of the matter is, once you convince yourself that you don’t have to do something immediately, you’ve opened yourself up to a false sense of security. It’s worse when you’re actually good at procrastination, like me. Time after time, I remembered the instances when procrastination worked. Once you make a habit of procrastination it is harder and harder to believe that luck will inevitably run out. Perhaps this is my harsh snap to reality.
One day, I hope I can nix my detrimental proclivity for postponing dreary duties. Even completing tasks on time seems better than the urgency to salvage the remaining shreds of my GPA. This is no way to live.

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