ITS Inductions


its inductionInternational Thespian Society inductions took place Thursday, Dec. 10. Students who have logged one hundred hours or more in at least two aspects of theater (acting and tech, two different tech crews, etc) are eligible for induction.

There is a tradition among the club members that, on the day of the induction, the newcomers must wear hats that club members make for them, which usually consist of buckets covered in balloons, streamers, and other various baubles, as well as following the club members’ orders.

This mild form of hazing is considered to be all in good fun and is designed to bring the club members together. “If you think about it as fun, it’s more of an honor than an embarrassment,” said Carmy Pappalardo, junior.

Admission into ITS is a big honor for those who worked incredibly hard to get enough hours to qualify for the club. They also have the opportunity to gain experience from at least two aspects of theater. The students who enter ITS are usually extremely dedicated to either acting or technical theater, and they plan to do something with it later in life.

When asked why he decided to join ITS, Kelton Sutton, sophomore, replied that he wanted to go to college for set building. “I was Assistant Master Carpenter this year, and I did shifting to get my hours,” said Sutton. His hard work paid off when he was inducted into ITS on Thursday.

Because of these students’ desires to get into such an exclusive club, most do not mind wearing the conspicuous hats or following the older members’ silly orders. “I had to go up to someone and say ‘Morning, partner!’ and bark and hop on command,” said Pappalardo. Sutton had to meow at everyone he saw and sing “I’m a Little Teapot” in the crowded hallway among other things.

Although following the orders of the club members is not mandatory, and some students choose not to, most inductees have fun participating in the traditions.

“It’s fun to use power tools and help be a part of the show with my friends. All the hard work paid off for something fun and prestigious,” said Pappalardo.


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