Sun Chips’ bags are loud, get over it

Sun Chips has stopped making the first ever 100% biodegradable chip bag because some people think it crinkles too loudly. The bags were made out of plant-based materials and were able to completely compost in 12-16 weeks.

Before the creation of Sun Chips’ new packaging, chip bags were destined to spend eternity in a land fill. These and other non-biodegradable products will accumulate until the trash has taken over the Earth, reminiscent of the setting in Pixar’s WALL-E.

100% biodegradable packaging should have been our reprieve from such a build-up of trash. But America cannot handle the loud crinkling emanating from these eco-friendly bags when one reaches for a chip. And so, Sun Chips pulled one of the best developments for the environment since incandescent light bulbs.

What is the justification for pulling these bags? Look, my family is not exactly a group of tree-huggers. We recycle, don’t use obscene amounts of trash and, when such a simple opportunity to be green arises, we buy biodegradable Sun Chip bags. Which, by the way, are not that deafening. They may crinkle slightly more loudly than in the past but not at ear-drum shattering decibels.

It is ridiculous that the American public would give up such an easy way to take care of the environment because of a slight crinkling noise. In an era where “going green” is vogue, global warming is hotly debated, and aluminum water bottles are carried by every high school student, we should be ecstatic at a development that keeps chip packaging from spending eternity in landfills.

So suck it up, America! Tell Frito-Lay to bring back the biodegradable chip bags, then plop down in front of the television, put in your ear plugs and reach into a bag of Sun Chips. Because sometimes saving the environment can be just that easy.


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