Senioritis: month two


Mrs. Kay Floyd did her first-period AP English 12 class a disservice on October 7, 2010 as she approached her stereo to play a recording of Shakespeare’s Macbeth: “I know it’s way too early for teenagers, but imagine next fall when you won’t have to be awake at 8:00 in the morning. You won’t have to go to class til 3.” Then she proceeded to press “play.”

I have no idea what happened in Macbeth Acts II and III.

A warning to teachers: when interacting with twelfth-grade students, do not mention anything of college life to the class if you expect them to work that day.

I was immediately whisked away into College Land: sleeping in later than 6 a.m. (actually, not getting home until 6 a.m.,) choosing my own classes and when I will take them, attending classes at my discretion, the list goes on.

When I’m not sleeping in class, I usually daydream about next fall. Now that I have been accepted into my dream college (Mizzou, let’s gooo!), I rarely keep my mind out of the clouds (or Missouri, rather.) I also think of all the college gear I will soon get to buy, transforming my polychromatic wardrobe to solid black and gold. Thoughts like these populate my mind constantly, and I now understand why seniors are so stressed all the time.

I also spend my time looking through my planner calculating the number of days until I am no longer a high school student. Graduates of yesteryear always tear up as they bequeath their infinite (and usually unwanted) high school wisdom: “Enjoy this year while it lasts; it goes so quickly.” I usually want to ask them equally tearfully, “Do you promise?”

I have noticed this month that since I received my acceptance letter, my first thought of every day is “Why bother? I’m going to college.” This kind of apathy, my teachers have told me, is what will get me into trouble with my grades and rebellious rule-breaking. So far, my acts of rebellion have gone by unscathed (take that, authority.)

However, it’s only October. We’ll see how long it takes until police escort me off school property, high as a kite and half naked.


  1. Alex, your articles are so funny! I love reading them. Sincerely, “Kelly’s Mom” BTW, Kelly helped edit my comment 🙂

  2. I am absolutely loving this column – howling with laughter as the months go by…I only hope you can keep up this level of commitment as spring approaches!!


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