Leesville goes all out for Spirit Week


“Spirit Week” gives students at Leesville the opportunity to dress festively according to a variety of themes. Each day was assigned a specific theme; Monochromatic Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Movie Character Wednesday, Geek Thursday and of course, Green Out Friday.

“For Monochromatic Monday, I wore a onesie with nine of my friends. We all got a good laugh out of it and it was extremely comfortable in the chilly morning,” said Hannah Barham, junior.
Most students were happy to start off Spirit Week by sporting a single color on Monday. Some students went all out by dying their hair or wearing the appropriate colored tights or socks.

Tacky Tourist Tuesday filled the school with Hawaiian shirts, fanny packs, binoculars and lots of laughs. Students loved laughing at each other’s high-waisted khaki shorts and colorful sunglasses. “I loved wearing my fanny pack to school on Tuesday,” said Lauren Scollard, senior. “It was the perfect carrier for all of my school supplies.”

“I took pride in dressing up as one of my favorite childhood movie characters, Inspector Gadget, on Monday” said Cory Fetterolf, senior and spirit week participant.  Characters such as Snow White, Harry Potter, Tinkerbell and Edward Scissorhands were seen roaming the halls.

Geek Thursday turned Leesville into a suspender-sporting, tissue-needing and glasses-wearing cult of nerds. With backpacks hoisted high, students darted through the halls to get to class on time, providing teachers with a classes of diligent, geek inspired students. “It was a fun day to let out my better half, my inner nerd,” said Fetterolf. “I loved speaking in a nasally voice and running to class”

As always, Green Out Friday yielded the most school participation. Classrooms were turned into seas of green as most students wore green shirts or shoes. Some students went all out, by dying their hair green or wearing green tights.

Along with sporting green attire, the seniors all wore their freshly decorated senior crowns. “Senior crowns are the perfect way to show school spirit and seniority at the same time,” said Cyerra Walk, senior. “Decorating them was fun, too!”

This Homecoming’s Spirit Week yielded lots of student participation, making the school week more bearable. Hopefully, Leesville’s population will put the same amount of effort into future Spirit Weeks in order to keep the tradition alive.


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