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iTunes, Pandora and even Purevolume are fairly popular websites among music-savvy students at Leesville. At each website, you make an account and choose your music preferences, then your account will formulate playlists or recommend music to fit your specific tastes.

For the most part, these websites base their recommendations on genre and artist-type.  “If you like Jack Johnson, you might also like: Jason Mraz, Colbie Caillat, John Mayer,” etc.  While finding music similar to what you already know and love is great, sometimes you may be in the mood for something a little different. is the self-proclaimed “emotional internet radio,” a website designed to introduce listeners to music of every genre (and probably a lot artists you’ve never heard of) based on the listeners’ mood or current condition.

Stereomood asks listeners to ask themselves “how do I feel?” and “what am I doing right now?” then pick a mood or activity from their seemingly endless list.

Aside from the predictable “happy,” “chillout,” and “romantic” choices, the website offers moods that listeners may have not even considered possible to express.  If you’re feeling “ethereal,” the site will offer twenty songs that it feels will maintain the mood.  If you “just woke up,” Stereomood will energize you and get you moving.

Because the website’s creators realize how many of the songs are new to listeners, they offer additional features to those who create an account.  After registering, users can make note of their favorite songs by adding them to their library, tagging them as a favorite, sharing it with their friends via Facebook or Twitter, or purchasing the song through iTunes, Amazon, or gigjunkie.

With hours and hours of mood-music available, is a must-visit.  If you like Stereomood, be sure to support the website with donations; it runs entirely on anonymous donations via Paypal.


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