How is Leesville showing their appreciation for our staff?

Executive Council officers--Chloe Lassiter, Anna Nguyen, and Tristin Moran--serving ice cream to LRHS staff on Tuesday, May 7. (Photo courtesy Sophie Key)

Executive Council officers–Chloe Lassiter, Anna Nguyen, and Tristin Moran–serving ice cream to LRHS staff on Tuesday, May 7.

This week–May 6 to May 10– is  National Teacher Appreciation Week. This is a time for United States students to show their love for the teachers and staff who have dedicated their careers to cultivating young minds. 

Leesville has no shortcomings when it comes to amazing faculty, so what are students doing to show their appreciation?

The Leesville Executive Council used their last meeting of the year to serve ice cream to staff, and chalk the sidewalk with positive messages and thank yous for our teachers. 

Ashton Layh, senior and President of the Executive Council said, “We’ve really been trying to make our teachers feel extra appreciated this year because they work so hard to make our school a positive place for all students. Throughout the year, we’ve been trying to get creative and surprise the teachers with little treats and kind messages to make sure they know how grateful we are for them.”

Maili Aronson, sophomore, gave her math teacher, Jennifer Yost, chocolates and a Target gift card. 

Aronson said, “I love Mrs. Yost’s attitude and positive energy she always gives off…she deserves to be appreciated because she genuinely cares about her students well being, constantly checks in with her students, and is willing to help even if there is nothing she can do to help the situation.”

Even though the week is over it is not too late to show your appreciation. If you want to show some love to your teachers the little things count, maybe leave them a note or send a quick email expressing your gratitude for everything they do. Above all else, the nicest thing you can do for your teachers is engage yourself in their class and show them the respect they deserve.


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