Should we bring back the ordering apps 

Food delivery apps are convenient and easily accessible for all students, and they will help improve the amount of students who do not eat during the school day. (photo courtesy of public domain)

Students attend school for 7 hours every day. The only break they have is lunch which is only 34 minutes long.

Seniors and juniors can go off campus and purchase lunch, but the underclassmen and students who do not have cars are not able to. Students also may not be able to purchase the school lunch or want to eat it. 

Leesville used to allow students to order food via delivery apps before they banned ordering food in early 2022. If caught ordering food, Admin’s will confiscate the food and not allow you to eat it until the end of the day. 

Many students have thought this based on a poll on Leesville Mycenaean’s Instagram account 88% of students think we should bring back ordering apps. One of the reasons for the ban is that parents and teachers do not want strangers on campus with students for safety reasons.

When parents brought up the issue to The Wake County Board, the members approved a school visitor policy stating “Commercial visitors, including but not limited to sales representatives and delivery workers, must report directly to the front office or other area designated by the principal. If the principal or designee grants a commercial visitor access to another part of the school campus, school staff must accompany the visitor at all times, and access should be strictly limited to the purpose of the visit. In addition, sales representatives must comply with the Board policy on Collections and Solicitations.”

This makes it safer for everyone in the building and is a great system to make sure that everyone who is in the building is allowed and authorized to be there.  

“I think we should be allowed to order because it helps more students be able to get lunch and make sure students don’t leave to get food,” said Disaya Lee, junior. 

 It helped underclassmen be able to feed themselves without having to leave the school and get in trouble.

Olivia D’Arbeau, junior, said, “Yes because they serve the same thing every day for lunch with one limited other option, and based on how long the lunch line is, when we finally get to choose there isn’t much left”.

The lunch the school serves has you select a fruit or vegetable typically apples, oranges, or carrots, and as the main option they have Pizza with only a few substitutes of PB&J sandwiches and chicken sandwiches which usually run out by the time the lunch line clears 

Ordering apps have more choices for students. It also gives kids with allergies and diet restrictions more options and helps make sure everyone can eat something they want to and not the same thing every day.

It would improve students’ hunger which would help them be better focused and have more energy to be able to participate in class actively. It would also have no effect money-wise on the school since the students would have to pay for it themselves. 

The majority of the students feel that we should be able to order food and there are many benefits to bringing back ordering apps so, should we bring back online ordering?


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