Mr. Broers Lingo

Mr.Broer, in his iconic Hawaiian shirt, during an engaging newspaper class. (Photo Courtesy of Daniela Plata)

Many teachers connect with their students by using words and language that the students are more accustomed to, but no teacher takes it as far as Mr. Broer.

Mr. Broer teaches freshman English along with being The Mycenaean advisor, and he is not exempt from trying to connect with his students via word use. He has a strong connection with his students and tries to make that connection stronger by using the same phrases his students use.

On a normal day in class, you can hear him saying things like “And I oop,” “Girly pop,” “Spawn,” “Ticky tok,” “Perf,” “girl math,” and many more phrases.

Most of the lingo he uses has come from his students using these phrases in class, as well as from popular videos, music, and even TV shows. 

“Sometimes he says ticky tok and snappy chatty, and other things like that,” said Mary Bradley Dalton, freshman. Dalton is one of the freshmen in Mr Broer’s Paideia English class. 

“I think it’s just his way of teaching,” said Dalton. He uses this to connect to the students and to gain their attention to focus on what they are learning about.

In freshmen English class, he discusses how there are many high school students who are addicted to their phones and the apps on them. “He talks about dopamine drip and ticky toky and snappy chatty,” said Sami Fiduccia, freshman. She is another one of the many freshmen who hear this from Mr. Broer in his Paideia English class. Some enjoy Mr. Broer’s comments, but some don’t like them.

“They actually do off put me a lot,” said Fiduccia when discussing Mr. Broer’s comments. 

Despite this, students enjoy his comments quirks, some even join newspaper to have him again.


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