A senior’s summation of 2010


The 2010 school year has been one to remember. We have come a long way since we first stepped foot on campus again on August 25. Freshmen have now experienced the high school culture, sophomores will look forward to becoming upper classmen, juniors cannot wait to be seniors and the seniors just want to graduate. No matter the age, everyone has become a year more educated.

The year started with a strong hyped up feeling for football season. The Pride was successful again, while the new and improved Grill Team received local coverage from both NBC and WRAL High School OT.

As the school year grew older, the Homecoming spirit arrived. This allowed the Leesville students their first chance to dress elegantly and decide which dates they would bring to the dance. Anyone who went to the dance rocked the night away to the Hard Rock Café theme.

Homecoming would end the first part of the school year, and now students could really settle in and prepare for the rest of the year’s challenges.

The last event to end the first semester of school would be the Powder Puff Carnival. Of course the carnival meant the annual Powder Puff game. Once again the two teams began practice ready to take the field in a fierce battle for bragging rights for the rest of the year. The seniors were able to defeat the juniors saving themselves from what would have been an embarrassing upset by the junior class.

Then, the only thing to look forward to would be Christmas break.  Everyone began counting down the days until finally the 2:28 bell rang on Dec. 18. The next two weeks would be school-free allowing everyone to spend time with their families and enjoy the holidays.

As soon as it came, however, the break was over and the 2010 part of the school year began. This also meant that the first semester was coming to a close. Most students began cramming for exams while some lucky seniors were mostly care-free knowing they were in fact free from exams. Once exams ended most began focusing on the up coming semester while a few seniors said their good byes in early graduation.

Half Way There!

Students had new classes, new teachers, new friends in new classes, new everything. Of course even though it was still fifty degrees in the air, Spring Break fever filled the school. Countdowns already began on Facebook even though there were still two months before the break even began. Unfortunately, everyone still had to focus on their new class work.

Now the only correct way to finish out winter would be a snow day, but not just one snow day, try three. Finally you could clean the dust off your sled and take it out for a ride. Every hilly street, and even golf course, would be filled with rowdy sled riders making the best of their day off

Of course, students had other things to look forward to besides Spring Break. Winterfest was just around the corner and now the girls found themselves scurrying around trying to find a boy to ask to the dance. Cars, cakes and posters were only a few of the creative ways the girls asked their dates and every attempt was just as creative as the next one.

Before the dance there was the Wizard of Oz Winterfest Assembly. The Assembly featured great performances by Virginia Reed, sophomore and Gene Kim, sophomore, who sang 100 Years by Five for Fighting, and the Josh Mabellos’ Experience featuring Josh Mabellos, senior, Jake Filipowski, senior, Josh Rice, senior, and Scott Levy. There was a fantastic drum-off between Nick Sparks, junior and Jared Robertson, sophomore, and the emcees, Michael Wojciechowski, senior, Ming Wang, senior, Jared Dix, senior, Lexi Schmidt, senior, Jessie Halpern, senior, and Lauren Smallwood, senior, performed a skit about Dorothy and friends going to Winterfest.

As the weather became warmer, the time for Spring Break came ever so closer. Talk of Spring Break plans buzzed around school as focusing on school work became harder and harder which only frustrated teachers. I can still hear Mrs. Tibbetts saying, “I know Spring Break is only a week away but we have to get through this lesson!”

The time came and people raced out of school faster than lightning. Some families went to Hawaii while others went to Florida, Cancun and even Europe. The hot spot for most Wake County juniors and seniors would be Myrtle Beach.  Staying out of trouble would be hard, but the excited teens hit the beach, soaked up the sun, and did a little celebrating for the occasion.

The Home Stretch

Although the first days were tiresome, coming back to school meant it was the final stretch to the end of the year; only 45 school days remained.

For the third time students prepared for a dance, but not just any dance, Prom. The upperclassmen and a few lucky freshmen and sophomores finalized their dinner and limo or party bus reservations and got ready for The Night at the Orient. All who attended seemed to have a fairly good night with no disappointments.

Prom would be the last major event of the year until the end of the year elections, awards day, and graduation festivities.

Now, votes have been counted and awards have been giving and the number of school days left has dropped into the teens and single digits for the seniors. This is the time to reflect on the year and remember just how good it was.

For seniors, their high school career is coming to an end. Most will go on to bigger and better things now that they are finally out of grade school. Thirteen years, it has been thirteen years since the senior class first started Kindergarten back in 1997. Thinking back that far will almost bring a tear to your eye as you wonder where has the time gone?

You live and you learn, you grow and you mature, but you can never forget your past because it is what has made you what you are today.

To the 2010 school year: It has been a great one.


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