ASMR is a growing online community with the purpose of helping humans wind down. Although the concept may seem weird, these videos consume the internet. (Photo courtesy of Creative Commons)

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. 

It is the term for the sensation people get when they watch or listen to stimulating videos. 

These videos are accessible on apps such as TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.

ASMR videos began to speculate on the internet in 2007, but they didn’t begin to take off until around 2010.

The reason these videos are so popular is due to the feeling of “tingles” that viewers may experience while watching ASMR.

Tingles are a pleasurable sensation in which they run through the back of the viewer’s head and spine.

ASMR Effects

The ASMR world is still relatively new but is growing more popular everyday due to the many positive effects it has on humans.

Researchers believe the ASMR feeling is related to how your brain responds to certain stimuli.

This feeling has many positive effects including better sleep, improved mood, deeper concentration, and pain relief.

These positive effects have a relaxing, calming, and stimulating aspect. 

This may be due to the fact that ASMR is involved in the reward system.

ASMR can induce feelings of happiness after activating the brain’s reward system. Dopamine is released while watching or listening to ASMR which can enhance moods.

ASMR Triggers

Viewers may be able to experience tingles through certain ASMR triggers. 

An ASMR trigger refers to the different kinds of ASMR. These triggers fall into five categories such as watching, touching, repetitive sounds, simulations, and mouth sounds.

However, there are other triggers that don’t fall into any of these categories. 

The ASMR trigger referred to as watching, deals with visual effects. Those who like to watch ASMR may find amusement in slime and soap-cutting videos.

Another example of a visual kind of ASMR is light triggers. Typically with a dark background, different colored lights will be shown on the screen.

Visual ASMR videos can be incredibly effective for those trying to relax. The gentle movement of light patterns can gain viewers’ attention and focus it away from daily stress.

Many ASMR videos feature personal attention and “touching” the viewer’s face, but human touch is prone to giving tingles. These videos can make those watching feel cared for and nurtured.

Real human touch such as getting your nails painted, getting a haircut, or receiving a message is proven to give tingles.

Repetitive sounds are displayed through tapping and scraping in ASMR videos. These sounds can be very satisfying. These repetitive sounds are in basically every ASMR video including simulation videos.

Simulation videos are also called roleplays. In these videos, ASMRists will pretend to be a makeup artist, a doctor, a barista, etc.

Roleplays are designed to engage the viewer’s imagination and provide a sense of attention and care. 

Different videos can make different people get the sensation of ASMR tingles.


There are a variety of different ASMRist and ASMR videos on the internet ensuring that hopefully one video can help relax the viewer.

Gibi ASMR is one of the most popular ASMRists. 

Her YouTube page @GibiASMR, has 1.2k videos for her 4.97 million followers.

Her page features several different triggers and roleplay videos to ensure that everyone can find something that they like.

People should watch her videos and other ASMR videos because these videos help with anxiety and sleep. 

ASMR allows the body to release tension and the mind to settle making it a powerful tool for inducing and enhancing sleep.

ASMR videos can reduce heart rates – meaning deeper relaxation. 

Leesville Students’ Opinions on ASMR

Some Leesville students watch ASMR videos and have experienced tingles.

A poll posted by The Mycenaean on Instagram shows that only 37% of Leesville students watch ASMR compared to the 63% of students who don’t watch it.

Those who do watch ASMR have been able to wind down while watching it.

“I like to watch ASMR because it’s relaxing,” said Lila Padden, sophomore.

Others believe that ASMR is gross.

“I think ASMR is weird. I don’t like the tapping. It makes me uncomfortable,” said, Zack Nash, junior.

There are many different kinds of ASMR available to watch on the internet.

“Slime videos are my favorite. They are super satisfying,” said Padden.

Why You Should Watch ASMR

Although ASMR does have mixed reviews among viewers, it is scientifically proven to help people relax. 

I think that the ASMR concept might seem weird, but it’s important to try something before you hate it.

ASMR is a free way to reduce stress among humans.

So I recommend that you open TikTok or Youtube and watch an ASMR video.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll love it!


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