Graduation honors


Graduation is fast approaching for seniors.  With less than nine days left of school, not including the senior assembly and exams, senioritis has taken hold of many seniors.

However, even though the thought of summer and college is more interesting to some seniors than learning vocabulary words, many have continued to work hard and achieved goals that will be recognized during graduation.

This year, students who have achieved a 4.0 GPA or higher will wear a solid gold tassel on their caps, those with a GPA between 3.5-3.999 will have a blue and gold tassel and those with a GPA below a 3.5 will wear a blue and green tassel.  The student’s GPA will not be rounded up, meaning that someone with a 3.4999 will still receive a blue and green tassel.

Cords are also something to be worn with pride; they are only given to students who have been inducted into a prestigious club.  Solid gold represents National Honor Society, mixed colors represent the National Art Honor Society, the red and gold cord represents Spanish Honor Society and the blue and gold cord represents the International Thespian Society. 

This year, students who completed the Graduation Project will also receive a green and gold cord for their accomplishment.

The dress code is the same for Senior Assembly, Baccalaureate and Commencement: cap and gown.  However, there is also a dress code for what should be worn under the gown.

For women, the dress code is a simple, lightweight v-neck dress that cannot be seen above the gown’s neckline or below the bottom of the gown itself.  Women should also wear minimal jewelry and closed-toed shoes which are black or dark.

For men, the dress code is a solid white shirt and a long, dark tie.  Dark pants are also necessary because khakis are not acceptable.  Black or dark brown dress shoes complete the men’s dress for graduation.

Jeans, shorts, slacks and purses will not be allowed.


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