LRHS holds ink cartridge drive


Leesville Road High School students ran a two week AP Environmental Science ink cartridge recycling drive for a project.

Group leader Jason Nance, junior, said that the project helped him grow as a person.  “It made me feel like a responsible adult.”

Nance and the rest of the group helped collect over 100 ink cartridges from Leesville Elementary, Middle and High schools.  They placed two boxes in strategic locations in each of the three different schools.  After a two week run, the group members were surprised at what they found.

“To be honest, I didn’t really think anyone would care,” said Cory Scheviak, junior, “so I was kind of surprised at the results.”

Eli Kratt, junior, agreed with Scheviak.  “I knew we would get more contribution from the elementary and middle schools, but I didn’t expect that much.  The boxes were pretty much full.  The high school didn’t really contribute as much.”

The group plans to count the ink cartridges and ship them out to be recycled in a company in Pennsylvania.

“We’re going to recycle them and probably donate all the money to the Environmental Club in the high school.”


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