• March 3, 2021

Quick Bites

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What’s Sophomore Class Council Up To?

Leesville Sophomore Class Council and the six elected representatives for the council haven’t allowed COVID-19 to stop them from hosting meetings and supporting Leesville throughout the strange school year. (Photo

Student Spotlight — The LRHS Drumline

The snares and tenors of the Leesville drumline wait for the 2019 Raleigh Christmas Parade to start. (Photo courtesy of Leesville Band) The Leesville Road High School Symphonic band is

Finals are just around the corner at Leesville. Many seasoned students are entering a state of either denial or rushed studying. Freshmen, however, are entering into the unknown Student Views

Are Finals Fair?

High school students prepare for finals in many different ways. Some create flash cards, highlight important information and review their notes. Others might choose to avoid studying and skip reviewing

Advertising Impact

Whether you realize it or not, someone is always trying to sell you something. Every day you will see approximately 5000 advertisements. With a large volume of advertisements being presented

ASMR: Brain Tingles

One of the most debated topics about high school is the stress that it brings to students. Whether the stress is coming from a difficult class, overwhelment of daily activities,