• October 20, 2020

Pam Beasley loves local jewelry

Windblown Jewelry is a cute jewelry business located in Wake Forest, N.C. They do metal work and make jewelry by hand. September 9, the day after her birthday, Rachel Calhoun

The Ins and Outs of Social Anxiety

Teenagers with social anxiety deal with a lot of extra stress but remote learning is lessening that stress and making things easier for these teens. What is social anxiety disorder?

The Best of The Art Institute of Chicago

Caption: The front of the Art Institute of Chicago. The iconic featured lions have stood in front of the building since the opening year. (Photo courtesy of Viviana Straniero)  One

Toxic Masculinity

  Masculinity definition: “qualities or attributes regarded as characteristic of men.” Stoicism Strength (physical, emotional, mental) Pride Aggression Courage Independence Assertiveness Take a moment and imagine something: a tank of