What Do Athletes Do In The Offseason?

Lucy Leen goes up for a layup in a conference game against Sanderson. Now that season is over, Leen has begun her offseason training.(Photo courtesy of Lucy Leen)

As winter sports seasons come to a close, fall sports seem more like a distant memory, and we welcome the onset of spring sports. But as time passes and new sports begin, we’re left to wonder: what do the athletes whose sports have ended do in the offseason?

Leesville’s athletes dedicate immense amounts of time to their respective sports—so much so that when their season finally concludes, they’re left with more time than they know what to do with. Getting a job, picking up an extra AP class, or spending more time with their boyfriend/girlfriend; the opportunities to be a normal high school kid are seemingly endless. But Leesville’s athletes are a different breed, and they don’t simply settle for normal.

“I usually go to the field three or four times a week to work on my conditioning,” said Jimmy Gooch, a senior and Leesville soccer player. “Five days a week I try to go to the gym after school and focus on increasing my muscle mass.” While Gooch doesn’t plan to play soccer in college, his love for the sport and desire to become his best self drive him to continue to grind—even without a next season to look forward to.

For some, the season never really ends. Lucy Leen, a junior and captain of the women’s basketball team, can hardly be seen not on the court. “In the offseason, I keep in shape by going to my trainer where we lift weights and work on my speed and jumping,” said Leen. “On top of going to my trainer I play travel basketball which helps me improve my game in all aspects.” Despite her season ending only several days ago, Leen is already back in gym with her eyes on a state title next season.

For many athletes, the offseason is a time to relax, get fat, and just be an average kid. However, at Leesville there’s no room for average—our athletes never stop training. The spring sports season is now underway, and while our focus will be directed upon the athletes currently in season, we can be sure that our other athletes are grinding just as hard in the offseason.


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