Wrestling preseason is in full swing

Some of the Pride Wrestling team poses in the weight room post workout. Morning workouts are a staple for the team, and will continue throughout the season. (Photo used by permission of Jason Wyss)


If your morning stroll to class is interrupted by the crashing of metal, the slapping of frantic feet, or the grunting of disheveled kids, you can be sure the wrestling team is afoot. Back and better than ever, Pride Wrestling has resumed its notorious morning workouts in preparation for the upcoming season. 

Nate Henshall, a Leesville wrestler, begins three of his weekdays before the sun has so much as peeked its head over the horizon. “Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, we get up at the crack of dawn to workout,” said Henshall. “In the weight room we stretch, run, and lift—anything to build up our strength and work ethic for the season.” 

Monday/Friday morning lifts have been a staple of Pride Wrestling for some time, but the addition of a third morning might just be the edge the team needs to succeed. 

“We also condition on the track Tuesdays and Thursdays after school to boost our cardio,” said Henshall. Despite the seemingly large two-month gap until the onset of wrestling season, the Pride trains as if the season had already begun. More than half of the team’s returning lineup has already competed in one or more preseason tournaments—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. 

Summer training camps, off season lifting programs, and countless club practices have been the reality of the Pride for months now; as if the season had never really ended. Regarding his team’s relentless regiment, Tucker Jessup, a junior wrestler, said simply, “No one can out work us. Period.” 

“Our team works hard—I work hard—and I’d love to see myself at States this year; that’s my goal,” said Henshall. 

With their preseason well underway, Leesville Wrestling looks forward to another spectacular season. The time to shine is right around the corner—North Carolina better be ready for the Pride. 


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